A welcoming support group for adults with spinal injuries or other mobility challenges.

We hope you enjoy our new website! Let us know what you think of it, and do make suggestions if you can. We have lots more planned for the site, so keep visiting to see what's new.

BESPOKE is a weekly peer support group for people with mobility difficulties.  Members include full-time and part-time wheelchair users as well as those with limited mobility.  It is open to all adults 18+ who find it a challenge to get about.


The group meets at the Tanyard in Pembroke every Tuesday.  Members participate in a variety of activities: games, sports, arts, crafts, cooking, boccia and wheelchair boxing (and more).  In the summer we have barbecues and outings.


The group has a steadily growing membership.


The main aim is to reduce the social isolation that results from having mobility issues.  Many new friendships have been formed and contact is maintained through a strong social media group.

BESPOKE has altered my life.  I love it so much.  I can’t imagine life without it now.


- BESPOKE Member 

A group of wheelchair users / people with mobility difficulties joining in a group activity.

BESPOKE was formed after two of us met by chance.

What have we been up to?

After our impressive launch in August 2019, we've had the following individuals and organisations in to run activities and talk to our group:


Chris McEwen from Pembroke Dock Amateur Boxing Club ran a series of sessions in seated boxing with us, which was very popular.  Chris can be reached on 01646 621241.


Mia Gillies and Sophie Buckley (both PAVS Community Connectors) talked to us about all sorts of activities and events that are going on throughout Pembrokeshire.  Mia can be reached on 01437 769422 or using


Liz Wyman has played her harp for us.  Liz is herself a member of BESPOKE.


Alan Jones from Pembrokeshire County Council talked to us about disability sports and Sports Wales. 01437 775124


Wayne Boucher, who is the Film & Music Studio Manager at the Tanyard, ran an introductory session on how to play the guitar. 01646 680068


Kitty Parsons from Pembrokeshire Online talked about her own experiences of disability and has published a few articles online about our group.  Kitty has also run jewellery making activities with us, and she's also talked to the group about Direct Payments. 


We have had an Occupational Therapist from South Pembrokeshire Hospital come in to meet the group and talk about how best to treat our joints and to show us some basic safe exercises we can try. 


We have recently met with Sarah Greener and Rob Baker from Versus Arthritis and are planning to have them visit the group for a session in July.


So you can see there's lots going on!   And there's lots more planned!  Come and join us!

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Become a Member

Members of BESPOKE always have someone to contact when they need to reach out.   Members can meet weekly at the Tanyard, or however often it suits them, participating in a variety of activities, games and gentle exercise, listening to guest speakers and chatting over tea/coffee and cakes.   Our members often form new and lasting friendships and stay in touch outside the group too.  By becoming a member of BESPOKE you will also have access to our online Members Area, which is for members only. 

Wheelchair User at event

Frequently Asked Questions

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